What We Do

UEHRD focuses on the immediate humanitarian and long-term development needs of all communities in Rakhine. Our priority is supporting resettlement and providing humanitarian assistance. Immediate needs include access to safety, shelter, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), resettlement and health services.

There is also a critical need to adopt medium and long-term sustainable and equitable approaches to tackle issues located at the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. As such, we focus on and across the following areas to work inclusively with multisectoral partners from the government, international partners, local organizations and communities.

UEHRD's activities, centered around our core themes and objectives, are implemented through our ten task forces.

Humanitarian assistance

  • Provide essential healthcare services such as checkups, screenings and surgeries through health facilities, mobile clinics and field medical teams;

  • Train local nurses, healthcare providers and community health volunteers;

  • Provide cash transfers and aid for displaced and conflict-affected families;

  • Provide access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services, and nutrition and food security.


  • Construct temporary shelters, reception and transit centres for  returnees;

  • Provide health services and other necessary services to returnees at reception and transit centres;

  • Rebuild houses, villages, public facilities and essential services for all communities;

  • Mobilize youth volunteers from all over Myanmar to provide humanitarian assistance;

  • Promote livelihoods and cohesive societies.


  • Provide loans and technical advice to local small and medium enterprises;

  • Promote financial inclusiveness and access to modern financial services by  opening new bank branches, mobile money agents and outlets;

  • Support vocational training and job creation;

  • Promote tourism and responsible investment;

  • Develop border trade and industrial zones. and invest in roads, dams, rice mills and basic infrastructure;

  • Improve local agriculture and fisheries, and support economic development and diversification.

Raising funds and awareness

  • Organize fund raising activities;

  • Develop crowd funding initiative for national ownership and grassroots-level involvement in helping the conflict-affected communities;

  • Liaise with stakeholders,  partners and the local communities for effective aid and development;

  • Mobilize and leverage monetary and non-monetary resources;

  • Support inclusive and meaningful dialogue on the progress, opportunities and challenges.

Our Partners

We work strategically with key partners who have a shared vision for inclusive growth and development in Myanmar. We are supported by a variety of organisations and individuals from both inside Myanmar and abroad, who endeavour to contribute constructively towards a better future for Rakhine. UEHRD"s private sector arm, comprising the ten task forces, works with government agencies and acts as a conduit for partners including United Nations agencies, international bilateral and multilateral partners, donors, and local organisations. 


We are open to working with constructive partners who share our goal of a peaceful, prosperous and developed Rakhine where all communities can live in harmony, security and mutual respect.

Bridge For Inclusive Society 

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