Projects and Activities

Through our ten task forces, and in close coordination with our stakeholders and partners, UEHRD has implemented a number of projects to address issues directly at the community level. These projects are all underpinned by our central themes of humanitarian assistance, resettlement and development for all conflict-affected communities in Rakhine, regardless of race or religion.

At a glance

  • MMK 533.1 million in relief supplies distributed to Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu villages in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships.

  • MMK 369.5 million dispensed in Cash for Work programmes

  • 152,000 persons provided with healthcare services by mobile medical teams

  • MMK 12.1 billion in facilities and over 3500 housing units constructed for refugees and IDPs.

  • Construction of Kayinchaung Industrial Zone in Maungdaw township

  • 80 kilometers of concrete road paved between Angumaw and Maungtaw

UEHRD Youth Volunteer programme

  • UEHRD youth volunteer tours organised to Buthidaung and Maungtaw townships under coordination of Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (MSWRR).

  • First batch of UEHRD Youth Volunteers began operations in early November 2017.

  • Total of six batches deployed to date.

  • Youth volunteers provide field humanitarian assistance to conflict-affected communities such as delivering food supplies, collating essential data such as living conditions.

  • Volunteers hail from all across Myanmar,from various faiths, ethnicities and races.

Agriculture Mechanisation

  • Leverage Northwestern Rakhine's fertile farmlands to better provide food security, improve local farmers' earning potential and reduce agricultural wastage. 

  • UEHRD has donated modern agriculture equipment such as thrashers, harvesters, rice dryers and tractors to the Rakhine State Government

  • Implemented in communities across Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships.

  • Around 2500 acres of paddy harvested on pro-bono basis.

Resettlement villages and Reception centres

  • Constructed resettlement villages for refugees and IDPs, alongside reception and transit centres where the returnees will be processed for resettlement. 

  • Two reception centres built: Taung Pyo Letwe Centre for refugees returning overland and Nga Khu Ya Centre for those returning by sea, alongside Hla Pho Khaung Transit Centre.

  • Across Maungtaw District, resettlement villages have been constructed with public amenities and essential infrastructure for the returnees and IDPs.

  • MMK 10.5 billion in facilities and over 3500 housing units constructed to date.

Kanyinchaung Economic Zone

  • 153-acre Kanyinchaung Economic Zone is located 3 kilometers northwester of Maungtaw town on the confluence of the Kanyin creek and Naf river  opposite Teknaf, Bangladesh. 

  • Planned launch in December 2019, zone intended to bolster border trade with Bangladesh.

  • Two concrete jetties, single-storey reinforced concrete warehouses and shophouses completed to date; cold storage facilities and garment factories will be included in expansion.

  • Initial investment of MMK 2.2 billion, with MMK 1.5 billion from the Rakhine State Government and MMK 0.7 billion from the private sector.

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