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Verification of the list of 22,432 Displaced Persons

March.24.2020 (NPT)

At the 3rd Joint Working Group (JWG) Meeting on the Repatriation of Displaced Myanmar Residents from Bangladesh held in Dhaka in October 2018, the Bangladeshi side handed over the list of 22,432 displaced persons to the Myanmar delegation.

Upon completion of the verification process, the Immigration authorities of Myanmar found out that the list provided by the Bangladeshi side contained only the data of 22,390 persons, and missing the data of 42 persons in the afore-mentioned list. The rest of the displaced persons enlisted to be verified are still under verification process. In order to ensure the smooth repatriation, the breakdown lists (village-wise) of 4,650 displaced persons, who have been verified as those resided in Myanmar, were sent to the Bangladeshi side in batches.

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