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Dream University Project in Rakhine

The Cooperation Agreement is signed between Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (MOSWRR) and Asia Philanthropy Circle (Myanmar) for the implementation of the Dreams University (DU) project in Rakhine State.

The Dreams University (DU) project draws on the cooperation, as necessary, of multiple agencies of the Government of Myanmar (GoM) – including the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (MOSWRR), Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations (MIFER), Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), General Administration Department (GAD) under the Ministry of the Office of the Union Government (MOUG), Ministry of Defense (MOD), Ministry of Border Affairs (MOBA), Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture (MORAC), Ministry of International Cooperation (MOIC), the Rakhine State Government and subsequent departments, concerned members of the Rakhine State Hluttaw – relevant UN organizations, as well as non-government organizations, the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine (UEHRD), and private sector to provide education programs and thereby promote intercultural engagement in Rakhine State. All the agencies above are listed as stakeholders in the implementation of the DU project.

In pursuit of durable peace, it is vital to ensure the shared value of diverse communities across the nation, equitable prosperity and empowerment of all. For Rakhine issue, the Government is fully committed to finding a sustainable solution that would lead to peace, stability and development for all people in Rakhine State. As such, Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine (UEHRD) has been the first ever mechanism for bringing the experience, expertise and enormous assets of the public and private sectors together with the support from UN agencies, friendly countries, international and regional entities as well as the generous contribution of the donors inside the country and from abroad. Over its two-year journey, it is continuously growing with the leadership of State Counselor and support from all the stakeholders involved. We also received remarkable amount of in cash, in kind and even in tech support from all our partners. In this case, Asia Philanthropy Circle currently named as Mainly I love Kids (MILK) is one of the contributors to our ongoing efforts. Today signing occasion illustrates the true dedication to collaborate together in search of socio-economic development in Rakhine State.

With regard to the Dreams University Project, it is envisioned to deliver integrated education programmes that can nurture youths to become more socially inclusive, inter-culturally engaged and skillful leaders in building the development of Rakhine State. The people in Rakhine State are the most important stakeholder in transforming Rakhine towards a more inclusive and developed State. The benefits of development need to be shared to all strata of communities, especially to the low-income communities. Therefore, the Dreams University Project aims to develop local talents, build capacity of the local communities and equip the wider community with the necessary skills to build their future towards a more progressive and inclusive society. The Dreams University Project is a part of a change process, and emphasizing on youths and equipping them to use their talent and skills to be key players for bringing a positive change and the development of Rakhine State. The project also focuses on the victims of conflicts, and aims to promote the ownership and empowerment of their own development. We have a vision of investing in the Dreams of the Next Generation, and this One Year Cooperation Agreement is the start of the ongoing process of achieving this vision.

This project seeks to promote a more inclusive and harmonious society with diverse communities by empowering them and providing opportunities to succeed with the help of tailored support. To re-ignite the development of Rakhine, the DU initiative aims to develop local talents and build capacity of the community to broaden the benefits of development to the wider community and help Rakhine develop in a more inclusive and sustainable manner. Graduates of the DU’s On-Campus Program will leave with leadership capabilities, be able to take on responsible careers and contribute towards strengthening community development and inclusiveness.

We do hope that Dreams University Project could help the dreams of young people in Rakhine State to come true. We believe that the connectedness and social relationships that the youth achieve through this education and vocational training program will help build the much needed trust among different communities. We strongly believe that these young people are going to make a better future for Rakhine State by bringing their communities together. Since education is a powerful tool to shape the future of our society, we treasure this project and wish it embraces a great success for our people in Rakhine State.

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