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COVID-19 Public Service Announcement Campaign in Rakhine

UEHRD Healthcare Task Force, with the generous support of Visakha Foundation, is providing support for a PSA campaign that aims to spread helpful information and health tips amid the coronavirus pandemic in Rakhine.

UEHRD sincerely thanks the Head Monk Venerable Sayadaw of the Shwezedi Monastery in Sittwe for facilitating the PSA campaign through the network of local volunteers in Rakhine.

Distributing factual information is incredibly important to inform people of critical information which in turn may save lives. The messages are based on the safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports and has been recorded in Rakhine language by the Myanmar Academy Award-winning film actor U Nay Toe.

All the support received from Shwezedi Monastery Sayadaw, Visakha Foundation, Dr. Than Soe and film actor U Nay Toe are much appreciated. We are looking to expand the PSA campaign to other parts of Rakhine.

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