The Task Forces, Outreach Working Group and UEHRD Secretariat

Construction and Infrastructure Task Force (CITF)

Lead: U Kyaw Win

The key focus of the CITF is to provide shelter and construct necessary buildings for the conflict-affected communities in Rakhine, under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Construction. Projects include building reception centres to welcome the returnees and process for their resettlement, construction of housing for returnees and displaced persons, and public facilities such as health centres, schools, marketplaces, roads, bridges and public spaces.

Communication, Information and Media Task Force (CIMTF)

Lead: U Kyaw Myaing

The CIMTF is tasked with enabling effective dissemination of information from the conflict affected areas to organizations implementing relief and resettlement projects. The CIMTF also coordinates UEHRD's online and social media presence.

Financial Inclusion Task Force 

Lead: U Kyaw Lin

This taskforce focus on providing loan to small and medium enterprises and established new banks for the conflicted area. Giving an additional SME training course to people from the conflict-affected area. 

International Relations Task Force (IRTF)

Lead: Daw Pyone Kaythi Naing

The IRTF serves to coordinate UEHRD’s interactions with international partners and organisations. IRTF’s overall goal is to improve UEHRD’s capacity to search for opportunities for engagement and collaboration, formulate strategies for proactive outreach and timely responses, and coordinate international relations initiatives at the enterprise level.

Agriculture and Livestock Task Force (ALTF)

Lead: U Chit Khine & U Htay Myint

The ALTF works to promote sustainable and good agricultural practices, innovations in food production, processing and storage, improved livestock management practices, and supporting fisheries and seafood production. As Rakhine is blessed with a long coastline and fertile valleys, and remains a predominantly agrarian state, this task force is crucial in improving the livelihoods of many communities.

Job Creation and Vocational Training Task Force (JVTF)

Lead: Daw Khine Khine Nwe

The goal of the JVTF is to help equip local people with the necessary technical and vocational skills to increase their opportunities for work, to develop better livelihoods and living standards. In tandem with the activities of Development of Industrial Zone Task Force (DIZTF), the JVTF’s efforts will be empowering local communities towards achieving sustainable and equitable development.

Task Force

Lead: Dr Tun Thura Thet


The CTF has been collaborating with local telecom providers, banks, payment gateways and financial service providers to establish multiple and properly managed crowdfunding channels to mobilize the public’s resources for Rakhine. Crowdfunding highlights the shared nation-wide importance that the government and people of Myanmar attach to addressing the issues in Rakhine State.

Working Group

Lead: U Nyi Nyein Aye

The Outreach Working Group works to coordinate UEHRD's outreach, communications and international relations efforts. The OWG is a volunteer group of professionals with technical and thematic expertise, and works closely with IRTF and CIMTF, and also with key resource persons from the task forces, the UEHRD Committee, and stakeholders.

Development of Industrial Zone Task Force (DIZTF)

Lead: U Ko Ko Htwe

This task force focuses on enabling the development of the industrial sector in Rakhine state, to create jobs and improve the overall economic situation. Realising Rakhine’s industrial potential through industrial zones will be crucial in empowering local communities towards achieving a durable peace and sustainable development.

Task Force

Lead: Dr Win Sithu

The mainstay of the Healthcare Task Force is on improving access to healthcare and the health status of the communities in conflict-affected areas of Rakhine state. The HTF trains local nurses, volunteers and other healthcare providers to serve the communities, and also provides essential medical supplies and equipment, and conduct medical field visits.

Tourism Promotion Task Force

Lead: U Yan Win

This task force works to promote Rakhine as a viable tourist destination, enable responsible investment in the travel and hospitality industries, and to leverage tourism as a key engine for sustainable and equitable development, and as a major source for employment.

UEHRD Office

Yangon & Naypyitaw

Focal: Daw Haemar Min Thu

UEHRD Secretariat Offices in Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon provide support to UEHRD Task Forces and coordinate activities of UEHRD.

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