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UEHRD is an ongoing public-private partnership initiative to address the many challenges confronting the communities living in Rakhine State. Through our own initiatives and in close collaboration with stakeholders, partner organisations and local communities, we implement projects and activities directly on the ground and work across various sectors. Our activities are aimed at both short-term emergency humanitarian assistance and relief efforts, and for medium and long-term development initiatives to create and foster an enabling environment for all communities to achieve a better future in Rakhine.

As one of the poorest regions in Myanmar, Rakhine State requires various investments such as social and physical infrastructure, enterprises to generate decent work, and offer opportunities for all its inhabitants to thrive. UEHRD's task forces have been involved in expanding financial inclusion, developing vocational training initiatives, promoting small and medium-sized enterprises and implementing public-private partnerships for sustainable and equitable development for all inhabitants regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.

And in the aftermath of the complex humanitarian emergency precipitated by the events of August 2017, UEHRD has been actively delivering emergency relief aid to the communities affected by conflict and IDPs. Through our ten task forces, UEHRD has also built resettlement facilities and villages for the IDPs and refugees. As the Government of Myanmar works to repatriate the refugees, more resources will be needed to help the refugees resettle and rebuild their livelihoods with dignity, while also ensuring peace, security and equitable development in Northwestern Rakhine.


Every contribution makes a difference for the communities.

If you wish to donate to UEHRD's humanitarian assistance, resettlement and development activities, please transfer to the following accounts: 


Kanbawza Bank

Myanmar Kyat

034  103  034  017  85901

Foreign Currency

206  109  206  015  42701


Ayawaddy Bank

Myanmar Kyat

000  110  501  002  2168

Foreign Currency

000  110  503  000  0135


Cooperative Bank

Myanmar Kyat

009  310  040  000  0183

Foreign Currency

009  310  120  000  1007

Myanmar Economic Bank

Myanmar Kyat

CF 003638

Foreign Currency

EDU  400001



UEHRD is open to working with constructive partners who share our goal of a peaceful, prosperous and developed Rakhine where all communities can live in harmony, security and mutual respect. As a public-private partnership, we are always searching for innovative solutions and partnerships to bring about impactful humanitarian assistance, resettlement and development. 

  • Delivery of essential supplies and basic services

  • Job creation, livelihoods and decent work

  • Nutrition and food security

  • Access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • Healthcare

  • Education - including vocational training

  • Agriculture, livestock and fisheries

  • Micro, small and medium-enterprise (MSME) development

  • Travel and tourism

  • Infrastructure, housing and public facilities

  • Community development, building cohesive and resilient societies

  • Interfaith dialogue, tolerance and harmony


Please contact us if you wish to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership. 

(+95)  09 962 460 000

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